Also called quintessence, æther is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. The atomic number of gold is 79. 

Æther 79 is a edgy lifestyle accessories brand. Made in New York City, we create one of one unisex jewelry from raw crystals and precious metals. 

A Maryland native, designer Christina "ck" Outlaw arrived in New York City in 2002 as an aspiring music producer and artist. Eager to learn about the industry, her unique style and creativity landed her a position as a PR / event planning assistant, working with clients such as Kanye West, Timbaland, and Common. The direct influence of such visionary spirits allowed ck to develop a keen attention to detail and strongly cultivated her taste and aesthetic as a creative. Four years later she decided to pursue her passion for music, going on to become featured in Billboard Magazine, MTV and working with DJ Green Lantern on the production of Nas' 'Black President' which was featured on his Grammy Nominated "Untitled" album. ck's adventurous spirit then led to a brief relocation to South America to reconnect with nature and explore different cultures. Upon returning to the states with a fresh outlook, she then joined the team at Fader Magazine. Known for her innovative thinking, she accepted an executive position at Island Def Jam just one year later. In 2014, ck was inspired to express herself through an art that combined her two first loves; street culture and metaphysics. Out of that vision, Æther 79 was born. ck has been an avid crystal collector since her teens and is passionate to decode the mystery of their healing properties through the integration of high-end design and hip-hop sensibilities. 

Welcome to Æther 79, where the street meets the sky.